Basic Statutes Nordic Fitasc Sporting Championship

For the Nordic Fitasc Sporting Championship, representatives from
shooting federations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are selected and form a committee, which has the task
to control and determine the modalities for the competition.

Each nation, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark have 24 spots reserved.
12 seniors, 3 women, 3 Junior, 3 veteran and 3 super veterans,
from which national teams are formed. Seniors in 4 member teams and other categories in 3 - member teams
or in accordance with Fitasc international regulations.

The NFSC is 200 targets on 2-4 days.

Categories: Open, Ladies, Juniors, Veterans, Super-veterans and national teams.

The entry fee is 150 euros. Entry fee for juniors is reduced to 100 euros.

Non-Nordic citizen is allowed to participate individually but will not be awarded Nordic championship medals.

Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded in each individual category and in each team category.
For the championship the federations shall design its own NFSC-championship medal, same medal to be awarderd
regardless of which nation hosting the event.
The cost of medals funded by entry fees.

Hosting nation
The Committee shall meet annually and determine which nation will organize next year's competiton.
Dates planned with regard to international sporting events under the aegis of Fitasc, cpsa or ictsf.

/Torbjorn Fredriksson, Thomas Piippola, Kenneth Eikenes

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